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Why Medical PPE Matters?

December 9, 2022

The answers to this question are better known for medical practitioners and institutions who have certain medical standards to meet within their operations.

However, this does not necessarily apply to general businesses who use personal protective equipment (PPE) in their daily routine.

Fortunately, medical -grade PPE (Gloves, Masks & Gowns) are widely available now with attainable pricing, elevating the consumer choice to a different level.

So why would you need to choose medical PPE and pay extra compared to non-medical PPE?

In general terms, MEDICAL-GRADE PPE IS TESTED and approved by Health Canada.

The testing is performed with all possible technological means to measure resistance, transmissibility, durability, compatibility, comfort, along with other categories.


Compared to other PPE products MEDICAL GLOVES ARE LICESENSED for use. To be classified as a medical glove, they need to meet strict quality and safety standards recognized by Health Canada. The gloves are tested to measure elasticity, powder residue, longevity, and allergic reactions.

The speed and comfort of putting on and off is a huge factor for gloves. The manufacturers spend a lot of time and effort in reaching high efficiency levels in donning and doffing.


Compared to gloves masks are not licensed but are approved for use, meeting certain safety and quality standards recognized by Health Canada.

Transmissibility barriers, breathability, comfort, and compatibility are among the key parameters tested rigorously to define the different levels in medical masks.

The innovation in medical masks has highly progressed, making them lighter with more breathability. They are now manufactured with no latex or graphene, or other materials that can cause allergies.


The liquid barrier performance is a key determinant for medical gowns. Among other safety and quality requirements, the medical gowns should protect their users from blood and other liquid substances. The medical gowns are designed in a certain way with the purpose of reducing the risk of touching the contaminated surfaces and disposing them effectively.


MHCare Medical applies a sophisticated vetting system toward qualifying which products we carry. We are always ensuring that our clients are purchasing high-quality products that have gone through the rigor of safety and quality standards. Other important factors that we consider are -proper documentation and ethical labour practices by the manufactuers.  

*This article is not meant to be taken as medical advice. Please follow the advice of your local health authorities when making decisions about your own health and the people around you.

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