MHCare Medical is dedicated to caring for our communities and front-line workers.
In the past year we have donated OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS through cash donations, sponsorships, personal protective equipment and sanitizing & disinfecting supplies.


MHCare Medical at Scotiabank Golf Classic Tournament  in Support of Little Warriors

In Canada, the stats relating to child abuse are truly overwhelming! A staggering one in three girls and one in six boys will experience an unwanted sexual act before their 18th birthday!  Even more disturbing is that 95% of child sexual abuse cases go unreported.  On August 31st, MHCare Medical joined Scotia Bank and other partners in a charity golf tournament to support Little Warriors, the national charity that takes care of this cause. The golfers raised $105,000 during this event.

We Have Sponsored Taste of Edmonton 2022

Proud to sponsor Edmonton's most vibrant event of this summer: Taste of Edmonton! At the official launch on July 21st, MHCare Medical's senior management was pleased to meet the organizers of the event as well as several officials present at the opening ceremony: David Shepherd, MLA Edmonton-City Centre, and Randy Boissonnault Minister of Tourism Canada.

The festival continues on Churchill Square near Edmonton City Hall till July 31st. Everyone is welcome to enjoy great food and performances by local restaurants and artists!  The MHCare Medical has already visited the event and had a great team-building opportunity.

MHCare Medical Provides the Gift of Enhanced Mobility to University of Alberta Student

MHCare Medical and its President, Sam Mraiche, provided  the gift of enhanced mobility to Political Science student Hussain Al-Hussainy at the University of Alberta on April 29, 2022.

Al-Hussainy started his academic studies at the U of A in the fall of 2020.  He quickly realized that the short time frame between classes, vast university campus and mobility challenges he faced due to cerebral palsy were going to make it a challenge to get to and from classes in a timely manner.  Al-Hussainy has used a walker since a young age to provide mobility assistance, but this mode of support just wasn’t cutting once he had to navigate the lengthy pathways between buildings on campus.  

Al-Hussainy’s wish was to have a custom-designed power wheelchair specked out for his exact needs to help him get around more easily, but this goal was not within his reach given the high cost of this equipment.  When Mraiche heard Al-Hussainy’s story, he was touched by the tenacity of this young man, who despite his challenges, was still dedicated to his studies and a promising future for himself.  

Mraiche immediately wanted to help and made the decision to gift this life changing device to Al-Husseiny.

Mraiche and the MHCare Medical team are excited to be a part of Al-Hussainy’s journey and can’t wait to see all the places he will now go!

MHCare Medical Engages Partners to Secure a Fully Functional Ambulance for a Village in Lebanon

During Ramadan and keeping up with the season of giving back to communities locally and internationally MHCare Medical has shipped a fully functional ambulance to a much-needed village in Lebanon.

Sam Mraiche, The Founder and CEO of MHCare Medical, sponsored the servicing of the vehicle to ensure the vehicle is mechanically sound and working optimally, the ground and sea shipping costs to export the vehicle to Lebanon, as well as the costs required to import the vehicle into Lebanon.  

Many people and organizations united to make this happen and we’d like to give thanks to each of those organizations for their time and resources:

Donation of Ambulance: Associated Ambulance Edmonton
Acquiring and Logistics:
Rotary Club of Edmonton West and Rotary Club of Riverview
Empire Collision
Carlson Body Shop Supply
Alberta Honda
Storage and support:
Myshak Group

We are inspired by everyone who takes the time to give back locally and internationally and are very excited for the people of Lebanon who will benefit from this generous gift.  The team at MHCare Medical sincerely wishes everyone a safe, healthy, and happy Ramadan!

MHCare Medical Title Sponsor of MAZ MOVE-A-THON 2022 and a Key Contributor to Heart Pledge Day!

We are proud to be the title sponsor of this years MAZ MOVE-A-THON and a key contributor to Heart Pledge Day! These innovative events are key programs to help advance patient care, research and education. “Advancement in cardiac and respiratory care at the Maz is very important to me, my family, and others in need of this type of care,” says Sam Mraiche, president and CEO of MHCare

The Heart Month results were record braking as per the UHF press-release! We are truly proud to be a part of it!

Read the Official Press Release.

Read more about these events in the Edmonton Journal article.

HERE WE ARE WITH FINAL RESULTS of 2022 MHCare Medical MAZ-MOVE-A-THON in support of the Heart Month, and the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute (the MAZ).  It was a privilege to support an initiative that raised $61,051!

Check the results here