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We DO NOT have Graphene in Any of Our Masks

April 16, 2021

You may already be aware that Health Canada has issued a recall on disposable masks containing a material made of tiny particles called graphene. The agency is advising people not to wear masks with graphene or biomass graphene. 

As a distributor of Medical PPE, it is our duty to inform and reassure you that all our masks are made with safe materials and therefore do not contain graphene.

Health Canada has issued an advisory and asked distributors to recall masks sold with graphene in them over potential inhalation risks. 

Health Canada said it conducted a preliminary scientific assessment after becoming aware that masks containing graphene were being sold with COVID-19 health claims and used by adults and children in schools and daycares. 

Health Canada also believes they may have been distributed for use in health care settings.

The products affected are listed as face masks labeled as containing graphene or biomass graphene


The specific mask model under review, #SNN200642, is the same model for which Health Canada received a complaint from a concerned citizen raising a question about the potential health risks.

The organization said that their preliminary assessment of available research found that inhaled graphene particles had some potential to cause early lung toxicity” in rats and other animals, but that the potential for people to inhale graphene particles is not yet known, and may vary based on mask design.

The health risk to people of any age is not clear, the advisory says, as there are many variables such as duration of exposure and the type of graphene used. Health Canada has requested data from mask manufacturers to further investigate the potential health risks and they are taking the precaution of removing them from the market.

Health Canada has also directed all known distributors, importers, and manufacturers to stop selling masks containing graphene and to recall affected products, and has written to all provinces and territories advising them to stop the distribution and use of said masks.


In a separate statement to CTV News, Health Canada said the risks associated with the medical devices are “unacceptable.”

“Unless the manufacturers of these masks can provide substantial evidence to support the safe and effective use of graphene-coated masks, Health Canada considers the risk of these medical devices to be unacceptable,” according to the statement.

Health Canada has requested that any health product adverse events or complaints regarding graphene face masks be reported to the organization.

*This article is not meant to be taken as medical advice. Please follow the advice of your local health authorities when making decisions about your own health and the people around you.

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