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Questions to Medical Professionals - We Need your Feedback!

November 19, 2021


Meeting the Demand Every Day

As an experienced health solutions provider, MHCare Medical recognizes that the demands on your medical practices are non-stop and so are our inventory levels.  We are your trusted partner, delivering responsive service and competitive pricing for your priority PPE and medical consumable needs.

MHCare Medical is ISO certified, licensed by Heath Canada, offering products that meet the rigorous standards under this regulatory body.

We have found that engaging in direct conversation with our valued customers will help relieve some of your purchasing pain points on top of fine tuning our performance.

Kindly provide a couple of minutes of your time and answer the short questions below. This survey is for medical practitioners in Alberta. If you wish, after answering the questions, you will get a free sample kit of a variety of products that we believe are proven to be useful for your practice.  

Please answer the questions below. We highly appreciate your feedback!

Go to this link

or answer below

*This article is not meant to be taken as medical advice. Please follow the advice of your local health authorities when making decisions about your own health and the people around you.

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