$13.49 (bottle)

Soapopular Plus 70% Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer (550 ML)

Manufactured by Soapopular

Product code: IT001262

Health Canada NPN: 80107023

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This outstanding sanitizer offers premium pharmaceutical, high-grade alcohol formulation which contains high quality emollients that keep the skin feeling softer and smoother after use compared to lower-end alternatives.

Perfected alcohol hand sanitizer for schools, offices, health care, dental, and food industries where handwashing compliance is a necessity. This product is listed as an antiseptic/antibacterial hand sanitizer meeting Health Canada’s requirement for safety, effectiveness, and quality.

Notable Features:

  • Foaming pump that provides 2.5x more uses compared to liquid & gel solutions
  • Rinsing not necessary after application
  • Compatible with latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves


Active ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol (70%)

Inactive ingredients: Bis-PEG-10 dimethicone, Glycerin, Fragrance, Water

Uses: Antiseptic, antibacterial skin cleanser

Storage conditions: Store below 43°C (110°F)


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