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My Health Care FFP2 NR Particulate Respirator for Small Faces

Product codes:

IT000130 (White)

IT000131 (Pink)

IT000132 (Blue)

IT000133 (Black)

IT000134 (Orange)

IT000135 (Navy Blue)

Meets EN 149:2001-A1: 2009 standard

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These earloop-style, indvidually-packed, and disposable respirators can act as an effective barrier from air-born elements, as well as droplets, dust, smog, and allergens. Great choice for children attending daycares and schools.


Dimensions: 189.4 mm (L) x 116.9 mm (W)

Exterior: Spunbond Polypropylene

Filter layer: Meltblown layer

Interior: Spunbond Polypropylene

Earloops: Lycra polyester

Nose piece: Metal wire, adjustable

Primary packaging: Individually packed in poly bag, 10 pcs/box

Master case: 108 boxes/case 60x40x40 cm, 8.6 kg

Testing Information:

Visual inspection, packaging and Material: EN 149:2001+ A1: 2009, 7.2 – 7.5

Practical Performance (head strap comfort, safety of connections, field of view, any other comments): EN 149:2001+ A1: 2009, 7.7

Filter performance (using NaCl & Paraffin oil), penetration of filter material: EN 149:2001+ A1: 2009, 7.9.2

Compatibility with skin: EN 149:2001+ A1: 2009, 7.10

Flammability: EN 149:2001+ A1: 2009, 7.11

Carbon dioxide content of the inhalation air: EN 149:2001+ A1: 2009, 7.12

Breathing Resistance: Inhalation resistance- max permitted resistance: EN 149:2001+ A1: 2009, 7.16

Breathing Resistance: Exhalation resistance- max pressure drop: EN 149:2001+ A1: 2009, 7.16

Clogging, maximum breathing resistance: EN 149:2001+ A1: 2009, 7.17


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