TORK Paper Products

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IT000165: TORK Matic Paper Towel Roll (Brown) 8in x 700ft

IT001228: TORK Matic Paper Towel Roll (White) 8in x 700ft

IT001229: TORK Advanced Centerfeed  Paper Towel (White) 2 ply 600ft

IT001231: TORK Multifold Paper Towel (White) 9in x 9.5in

IT001232: TORK Xpress Premium Soft Multifold Paper Towel (White w/Leaf), 9.1in x 9.5in

IT001367: TORK Xpress Wallmount Full Size Multifold Paper Towel Dispenser

IT001234: TORK Advanced Mini Jumbo 2 ply Bathroom Tissue (White) 7.4in x 751ft

IT001225: TORK Twin Mini Jumbo Bath Tissue  Dispenser (Black)

IT001235: TORK Mini Jumbo w Reserve Bath Tissue Dispenser (Black)


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