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Non-Medical Disposable Nitrile Gloves

$21.99 / box

Non-Medical Disposable Nitrile Gloves

  • 100/box
  • Powder-Free
  • Sterile
  • High-Quality
  • Latex-Free
  • Disposable
  • Ambidextrous

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Non-Medical Nitrile Gloves are an excellent way to protect your hands from harmful substances. When used in the food industry, non-surgical gloves prevent any bacteria or other contamination that may be present on a surface (such as produce) and then transferred into someone's mouth when eating it. Non-medical grade gloves are disposable, latex free and also offer long-lasting durability with good dexterity.

Standard: ASTM D6319

Shelf Life: 5 years

Benefits of Non-Medical Grade Gloves

Non-medical nitrile gloves can be worn in many different settings and offer similar protection to heavier duty gloves while offering great comfort and sensitivity. These disposable gloves are exceptionally useful for when frequent glove changing is required, especially for serving food and other sanitation applications.

How to put on Non-Surgical Nitrile Gloves:

  1. Thoroughly wash hands.
  2. Select the appropriately sized non-medical gloves.
  3. Hold with one hand and insert the other.
  4. When the base of your thumb reaches the cuff of the glove begin to spread your fingers and insert your hand into the glove.
  5. Pull glove cuff towards wrist to cover as much skin as a possible and secure glove.
  6. Check to make sure there are no holes or tears.

How to remove Non-Surgical Nitrile Gloves:

  1. Grasp the outside of one glove at the wrist. 
  2. Do not touch your bare skin.
  3. Peel the glove away from your body, pulling it inside out. 
  4. Hold the glove you just removed in your gloved hand.
  5. Dispose of the gloves safely. Do not reuse the gloves.
  6. Thoroughly wash your hands immediately after removing non-medical gloves.

Material : 100% Nitrile

Latex Free? : Yes

Colour : Blue

Ambidextrous? : Yes

Powder Free? : Yes


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Wearing Nitrile gloves is a great way to add another layer of protection. Even if you are fully protected with masks, face shields, goggles, and gowns, your hands are still exposed to the germs around you - When you eventually touch your face, you can transport infections to your body - unless your hands are protected.


No matter how protected you seem, if your hands are exposed, they can pick up harmful germs and viruses which can then be transported to your face. Wearing disposable gloves gives you an added layer of protection which is mandatory to prevent contracting infections.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How frequently should I change my Non-Medical Nitrile Gloves?

Non-Medical Nitrile Gloves should be disposed of after each use. Do not reuse.

Are Non-Medical Nitrile Gloves environmentally friendly?

Non-Medical Nitrile gloves are not biodegradable unless the manufacturer specifies it.

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