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Shortage Crisis Of PPE In Alberta, How to Make Sure You are Supplied and Stocked Up.

July 13, 2020

As Canada’s economy begins to reopen and concerns of a potential second wave of the coronavirus grow, the federal government is struggling to secure a reliable supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) used to keep medical professionals, essential workers and citizens safe.

Alberta had been struggling with this issue for quite sometime now. Private businesses are grasping for quality PPE supplies that meet good quality standards. This is not just to protect owners and staff, but the public as well. Reopening businesses without the proper PPE supplies is a fool’s game nobody wants to play.

“As of July 1, 2020 the private business sector will have to start purchasing their own PPE at market prices” -Dr. Deena Hinshaw-Alberta's chief medical officer of health

The Alberta government will continue supplying PPE to publicly funded continuing care centres, hospitals, clinics and homeless shelters.

Privately-owned businesses such as clinics, hair/nail salons, offices, restaurants, and boutiques however, will have to deal with the added costs and the struggle of forming relationships with reliable suppliers.

As individual businesses explore those options, the investment of their time and concern for quality and well priced PPE supplies takes a toll on business owners. Negotiating a price in itself is a challenge due to inflation costs of PPE products. Where can a business turn to for both quality and quantity?


“21% of Alberta small businesses said lack of access to PPE is preventing their business from reopening at all”

Issues with quality control, this includes the delivery of 10 million substandard N95 respirator masks, showcase some of the challenges the government faces when trying to gain a projection in the constantly evolving global PPE marketplace.

The problem is the market is flooded with some good products that are credible and then there are plenty of uncertain and low quality products that are out there in the market because some people are just trying to make a fast dollar.

The government is struggling to decide what the real demand for PPE is. That is because it is still very unclear exactly how the economy will reopen and what sort of safety requirements will be put in place, this is an ongoing issue across the country. The type and quality of PPE used for different activities will also play a big part in determining how much is needed.

“Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen around 35 percent of Alberta businesses also identify that acquiring sufficient amounts of PPE has been a challenge” -Annie Dormuth-CFIB provincial affairs director

Canadian companies, such as MHCare Medical  are supplying high quality and cost effective PPE supplies for the public. This includes: masks, medical face shields, gloves, isolation gowns, tri layer caps/protective shoe covers, protective eye shields and non-contact forehead thermometers.

“Throughout this period of crisis, we continue to see Canadian companies across the country making tremendous contributions to fight COVID-19,” -Navdeep Bains-Innovation Minister 

Buying from a Canadian company that supplies high quality, medical grade equipment can help ease a lot of stress for business owners. Companies like MHCare Medical have long term relationships with their customers because of the quality and dependability they provide.

Below are some PPE products you should look at to supply your employees with:

There is an obvious problem for private businesses who want to obtain quality PPE supplies Alberta, but there is also an obvious solution. Contact MHCare Medical for your PPE supplies, demands, and needs to properly protect your staff, customers, and yourself. You are not in this alone, we are in this situation together.

Contact us: https://www.mhcaremedical.ca/contact-us

*This article is not meant to be taken as medical advice. Please follow the advice of your local health authorities when making decisions about your own health and the people around you.
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