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How to Safely Travel During COVID-19

November 20, 2020

The holiday season is fast approaching and COVID-19 is surging in most parts of North America. Many people who would be normally travelling to loved ones or heading to some beautiful sunny destination are contemplating what to do.

To fly or not to fly, that is the question.


Many of you will be wondering, is it safe to travel now?


The truth is, it depends. If we are all careful, sensible, wear proper PPE, practise physical distancing and abide by the rules, then it should be ok to travel safely.


Travel will boost local economies around NorthAmerica and the world, and is a great boost for your mental health and overall wellbeing, especially after this overwhelming year. 


However, it is completely normal to feel apprehensive about travel and you still may be not sure whether you want to go. 

Regardless if you have  made your decision to get out of the country as soon as possible, or whether you are still not sure if it is a wise choice, below are tips for travelling during the COVID 19 pandemic:

TIP 1. Know the travel rules and entry requirements of your destinations

Many countries have opened up borders and have eased their lockdown rules and travel restrictions. There are now many travel bubbles in place, allowing residents of the involved countries to travel freely by air  (with minimal to none) quarantine measures.

Below are travel restrictions by country, with live updates:


TIP 2. Do not travel if you or someone you have been in recent contact with have symptoms of or been diagnosed with Covid-19. 

Even if you have planned the perfect destination trip or can't wait to see family members, it is very important to contain the spread of the virus, and travelling with the virus is irresponsible. If you have or suspect you could have the virus, self-isolate for 14 days. If you suspect you have the virus on holiday or test positive for the virus at the airport, you must self-isolate in your accommodation for 14 days, and let the airline and accommodation know.

TIP 3. Get travel insurance

Getting ill abroad is stressful enough as it is, without having insurance to cover the costs. Check the policies carefully to see what you are and are not covered for in terms of the pandemic. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world witnessed large-scale cancellations of flights, cruises, tours, hotels etc. Travel insurance is more important than ever. 

TIP. 4. Packing

The coronavirus has affected our daily lives and nothing will change while you're on vacation. We now need to follow all hygiene protocols and standards to keep ourselves safe. Follow all PPE wearing protocols while on the plane, as well as social distancing measures that have been put in place. While aboard, follow and practice all the local PPE and social distancing guidelines. Make yourself a PPE checklist before you travel anywhere, just as you would for any other items you may need and pack for any trip.


Medical face masks 


Protective gloves

Face shield

TIP 5. Complete all necessary travel documentation. 

Countries around the world now have forms that you must complete before leaving and/or entering the country. Check what exactly needs to be completed, by when, and if it needs to be done on paper or online. Some countries require you to have proof of a negative Covid-19 test completed within a certain amount of time before your flight.

Any kind of holiday travel increases the risk of transmission to you and your community at some level. If you do choose to travel, wearing a mask properly is key anywhere. Making sure to self-isolate for two weeks afterward will ensure that you do not pass along anything you may have picked up on your adventure. Last but definitely not least, enjoy yourself and be safe.

If you want to see the current status of a destination’s number of active cases check out the link below 


Visit the Government of Canada website to learn more about travel advisories https://travel.gc.ca/.

Official travel advisories are in effect: Avoid non-essential travel outside Canada and avoid all travel on cruise ships outside Canada until further notice.

Check the Pandemic COVID-19 travel health notice.

Check our COVID-19 safety and security advice for Canadians abroad.

If you need financial help to return to Canada, check COVID-19: Financial help for Canadians outside Canada.

*This article is not meant to be taken as medical advice. Please follow the advice of your local health authorities when making decisions about your own health and the people around you.
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