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MHCare Medical holds medical device and drug establishment license’s and is ISO 13485:2016 certified. We are a medical device supply company providing health solutions across many sectors.

We pride ourselves as being one of the largest and trusted medical protective equipment suppliers in North America, with global supply chain efficiencies.

mission, vision, values

Mission: Our mission is to provide quality health solutions that North Americans can trust, so that we can help keep our front-line workers and communities safe.

Vision: Drive profitable growth and become a trusted source in providing innovative health solutions.

Values: Trust, Quality & Service, Healthy Communities, Collaboration, People


MHCare Medical is your trusted partner in delivering high quality products and innovative health solutions for your priority medical consumable needs.

We’re committed to providing superior value, proactive service and prompt delivery, no matter where you’re located – urban, rural and everywhere in between. Learn below who we serve.

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caring for communities

MHCare Medical is dedicated to caring for our communities and front-line workers.

In the past year we have donated OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS through cash donations, sponsorships, personal protective equipment and sanitizing & disinfecting supplies.

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Product Customization

Our vast network of local and international manufacturers allows us to modify products to meet your specific requirements, while maintaining compliance with current health standards.

Stop waiting, protect your workplace!

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MHCare Medical offers a wealth of information on everything you need to stay informed on product and industry trends.

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