MHCare Medical is a fully licensed Medical Device supply company proudly based in Canada. We pride ourselves in being one of the largest medical personal protective equipment suppliers in North America.

We specialize in high-quality medical personal protective equipment which aligns with our mission to protect our end-users from harmful substances and infectious diseases!

Nothing is more important to us than providing a perfect service for our customers.

  • We have consistent levels of inventory on hand ensuring immediate turnaround times for our clients’ PPE orders

  • We strive to ensure on-time delivery of orders 100% of the time

  • With a strong and diverse network of logistics partners, we can handle all logistics requirements by air, sea, rail, or ground

  • Our employees have business, biopharma/biochemistry, QA/QC degrees, bachelor of arts, science degrees, and more

  • We have the capacity to customize products to suit specific end user requirements

Being Covid compliant is of utmost importance when business owners and operators are planning to relaunch their business and open back up to the public. Hand in hand with developing a Covid Response Plan, it is critical that organizations thoroughly consider health and government guidelines when preparing their relaunch strategy.

It is critical that the best interest of both staff and patrons are taken into consideration.

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Full Product Customization Capabilities

Even if the specs on our site don’t match your requirements, our vast network of manufacturers allows you to modify our products and meet your requirements while still in compliance with local and international health standards.

Stop waiting, protect your workplace!

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It's not just about equipment, it's about education. We're happy to offer you a wealth of information on everything you need to ensure your entire organization is safe during these unprecedented times.

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